Water Spangles Floating Plant

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Water spangles, floating Aquarium (or pond) Plant – Salivia Minima

Salvinia minima (Water spangles) is a fast-growing aquatic fern that has high adaptability to various aquatic environments. The plant floats on the water surface and can be kept in tanks of varying sizes and depths.

Water spangles are relatively easy to care for. This plant is capable of growing fast and forming new shoots in record time. Under optimal conditions, it can easily double and triple in size in 7 – 10 days. Therefore, growth should always be kept in check through constant pruning of the dense foliage.

Temperature: Water spangles grow in warm waters and will thrive in temperatures from 20 °C to as high as 30 °C, ideal water temperature above 22 °C.

pH: pH between 6.0 – 8.0 is considered optimal for this species.

Lighting: Water spangles grow best under bright lighting. The plant’s growth will decline significantly and new shoots may struggle in low lighting environments.

Water flow: This aquatic plant comes from still or slow-moving waters, so it’s appropriate to replicate such conditions in your freshwater tank.

Co2 and fertilization: Water spangles appreciate the addition of liquid plant fertilizers in the water which will help bolster its growth.

What’s included in this starter cultivating kit:
1. Water spangles starter culture. Approximately 10-15 plantlets.
2. Cultivation and care instruction.

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