Live Arrival Guarantee

Our shipments come with 100% Live Arrival Guarantee. This means that if your order is dead on arrival, we will replace the order at no charge, whatsoever. We do not normally offer refunds, but do offer them in special circumstances or if it does not appear that we can send more live product to you without significant risk to their lives. Our shipping and handling costs are none refundable. Our Live Arrival Guarantee is designed to cover shipping issue that are outside of your control, free of additional product or shipping charges.

Our Live Arrival Guarantee includes the following four conditions:

  1. Your shipment must be received on the first delivery attempt. If you happen to miss the delivery and the package is delayed a day or more as a result, we will not accept responsibility for any losses. It is your responsibility to check and follow the tracking number for delivery progress.

    You should be able to register with the carrier’s website/tracking service and receive shipping progress notifications by email. We highly recommend that you do.

  2. You must provide us with the correct delivery address and do not forward the parcel to another address, unless still delivered on the same day. Forwarding of packages results in an extra day or more in transit.

    NOTE: If our shipping carrier forwards your shipment in error, we do cover that type of mistake.

  3. In the unlikelihood of your order being a dead on arrival, we require that you contact us with clear picture(s) of the product in question within two hours of delivery. Please note that your order include live product(s) which may not respond well to sitting in mail boxes or under the sun for extended periods of time. It is your responsibility to keep an eye on shipping progress and collect the parcel home as soon as it arrives. Pictures can be sent to us by replying to the tracking email you received, or by sending it as an attachment in a new email.

  4. Any Live Arrival Guarantee requests/claims must be brought to our attention via email or via our contact page within no more than 2 hours of the carrier drooping the package at your premises.

    Please adhere to the above mentioned DOA procedure correctly, falling to do so may void your claim.