Four Live Cultures in One Kit

$63.54 GST inc.


This kit includes 4 different live fish food starter cultures to help you start a never-ending supply of highly nutritious fresh food for your aquarium fish and fry.

What’s included in this live feed pack:

  • Live Blackworms starter culture (Lumbriculus variegatus), approx. 450 worms in 200ml water solution.
  • Live Microworms (Panagrellus redivivus) starter culture.
  • Live Daphnia (Daphnia Magana) starter culture.
  • Live Vinegar eels (Anguillula aceti) starter culture.
  • Bag of food for both, the Daphnia and Blackworms cultures.
  • Pipette.
  • Instruction manuals on how to setup your cultures and successfully grow your very own never-ending supply of live fish food(s).
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