Air Pump, Hailea, 55L/M Electromagnetic Compressor

$129.95 GST inc.


Hailea air pump/compressor.  Great for driving a number of tanks or hydroponic set-ups.

* Air Flow Rate: 55L/Min,
* Max Pressure: 0.15bar
* Noise level: <60dBA
* Weight: approx. 1.2kg
* Dimensions(mm):L 195 x W 90 x H 95
* Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz
* Power consumption: 30W
* Connections: Horizontal brass connector 8 mm OD
* Accessories included: Manifold kit with 6 outlets
* Model number: ACO-308


1. The pump case is made of high-quality aluminum alloy designed for fast and effective heat-dissipation.
2. The pump is driven by an electrical magnetic motor, using vertical reciprocal motion to produce air.
3. Uses SF3 grade high wear resistant material for the cylinder and piston, enabling low power
consumption while delivering strong air output and pressure sufficient for driving a number of
water tanks.
4. None-oil lubricating design. The compressed air is purified.

Please note: This pump is high powered with a strong output, vibration and operational noise should be expected while operating, not recommended for in-house small ornamental tank.



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