High Protein & Growth Cichlid Sinking Pellets – 30g Pack

$16.90 GST inc.


LFF Growth & Protein sinking pellets are high quality pellets designed for most type of tropical predatory/carnivore fish. The food is formulated to support fish health, disease resistance and good digestion. Contains Krill, only fish proteins and other easily digestible natural ingredients, designed to replicate a more natural diet for most species of community tank fish.

LFF sinking pellets have been formulated for increased rapid growth and health of tropical and bottom feeding Cichlids. Contains only natural ingredients and designed to closely mimic the type of foods fish would normally eat in their natural environment. This premium pellet will not cloud aquarium water when fed correctly.

Suitable for most types of predatory Aquarium fish, like Cichlids and other carnivore type fish.

Sardine and Mackerel fish meal, Wheat, Fish Oil, Corn, Soy Meal, Krill Meal, Casava Root Meal, Kelp, Vitamins and Minerals.

– Product Weight: 30 grams Bag
– Pellet size: Micro 1.5-2mm
– SINKING pellets
– Protein: 46%
– Fat: 5%
– Lipid: 6%
– Fiber 3%
– Moisture 16%