Banna Worms Starter Culture

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Banana Worm (Panagrellus Nepenthicola) are a type of nematode. They are smaller in size then microworms, growing on average to about 1.6mm. Banana worms cultures are slightly more productive than microworms. The worms are non-parasitic and live off of the bacteria and yeast from the Banana/Oat culture medium. Banana Worms lifespan is about 40 days. A female Banana Worm can produce 60 young or more a day.

Due to their small size (smaller than microworms) and high nutritional value, Banana Worms are one of the best foods for newly hatched fish fry, like tetra, barbs, killifish, guppies, betas, gouramis, danios, cichlids and many others. They are more size appropriate for very small fry that are not able to eat baby brine shrimp or Microworms. Banana Worms normally reproduce faster than microworms, which make Banana worms easier to culture fast when time is of an essence.

Banana Worms cultures do well at room temperatures. The optimum reproduction rate is at around the 20-30 degrees Celsius range.

What’s included in this kit:

  1. Banna worms starter culture
  2. Culture setup and harvesting guide.



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