Live Springtails Culture

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Springtails, nature’s great cleaning workers, are a highly nutritious live food choice for aquarium fish, frogs, reptiles etc. They are also the perfect addition to help you achieve a bio-active terrariums.

What’s included in our starter pack: 

  • Active springtails culture with approx. 100 adult and/or young springtails, enough to quickly start a thriving colony
  • Our guide to growing a successful culture, that is easy to maintain and proven to produce good yields of live springtails week after week.

What are springtails

Springtails impact on ecosystems is nothing short of remarkable. These tiny arthropods, belonging to the order Collembola, inhabit soils, leaf litter, and other organic matter, contributing significantly to the delicate balance of nature. Ranging from a mere 0.25 to 6 millimeters, springtails play a crucial role in nutrient cycling and decomposition, breaking down decaying plant material and releasing essential elements back into the soil.

What sets springtails apart is their extraordinary adaptations. Equipped with a furcula, a specialized appendage resembling a tail, they can catapult themselves into the air, thus earning their name. Their resilience allows them to endure diverse environments, from arid deserts to frosty tundras. Some species boast hydrophobic coatings, preventing them from drowning in waterlogged habitats, while others produce antifreeze proteins to survive in freezing temperatures.

Beyond their ecological significance, springtails captivate the attention of scientists, serving as subjects for studies in ecology and environmental science. Despite their size, these minuscule creatures offer valuable insights into the intricacies of life at the microscale, highlighting the interconnectedness of all living things in the grand tapestry of biodiversity.

Springtails as live aquarium food

Fish-keepers often use springtails as a supplementary food source for certain small fish, amphibians, or invertebrates.

Here are some considerations for using springtails as live fish food:

  1. Size Compatibility: Springtails are very small, typically ranging from 0.25 to 6 millimeters in size, depending on the species. Therefore, they are most suitable for small or juvenile fish, fry, and tiny aquatic organisms.
  2. Nutritional Value: While springtails may provide some nutritional value, they may not be as nutritionally complete as other live or commercially prepared fish foods. It’s essential to ensure that your fish receive a balanced diet.
  3. Culturing Springtails: If you plan to use springtails regularly, you may want to consider culturing them at home. This involves creating a suitable environment with moisture and organic matter for them to thrive. This ensures a sustainable and continuous supply for your aquarium.
  4. Clean Culture: It’s crucial to maintain a clean culture to avoid introducing harmful bacteria or parasites to your aquarium. Regularly monitor and clean the culture to prevent any issues.
  5. Observation: Observe your fish’s behavior and health when introducing springtails to their diet. If they show signs of disinterest or if there are any adverse effects, you may need to reconsider or supplement their diet with other foods.

Always research the specific dietary requirements of your fish species and consult with experienced aquarists or professionals to ensure you are providing a well-balanced and suitable diet for your aquatic pets. While springtails can be an interesting live food addition, they should not replace a varied and nutritionally complete diet for your fish.




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