Golden Mystery Snails – 3 Snails bundle

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Mystery snails are peaceful invertebrates and would normally get along well with other tank residents. The snails are slow-moving and keep to themselves, spending most of their time at the bottom of the tank eating algae or food leftovers.

The mystery snail is a freshwater snail, easy to care for and comes in beautiful colour variations. The snails’ beneficial algae-eating behavior and peaceful temperament make them a popular choice with aquarists. Reaching up to 3cm in diameter, mystery snails are ideal for small to medium tanks.

Mystery Snails are ideal for beginner aquarists due to the species’ calm, hardy nature and non-fussy choice of foods.

Your purchase includes:

1. 3 Golden colour Mystery snails, about 10 to 15mm in size.
2. Care guide on how to setup and care for your mystery snails.
3. Your order will be shipped by express post.