Ramshorn Snails – 7 snails bundle

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Ramshorn Snails are great freshwater community tank mates and are safe with all non-aggressive fish, shrimp and plants. They are excellent tank cleaners and feed on dead or decaying plant matter, soft algae, uneaten food and dead tank mates. They do not harm healthy aquarium plants.

Under the right conditions these snails can reproduce quickly, which makes them a perfect live food starter colony for puffers and other snail-eaters. The snails can grow up to 4cm in diameter.

Ramshorn Snail diet should also include calcium-rich supplements, which is important for a healthy shell growth.

Your purchase includes:

1. 7 chestnut colour Ramshorn snails. Juveniles, about 5 to 10mm in size.
2. Care guide on how to setup and care for your Ramshorn snails.
3. Your order will be shipped by express post.