Live Grindal Worms Culture

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Grindal worms (Enchytraeus buchholzi) are a small white non-parasitic worm, closely related to the red earthworm. Grindal worms were discovered by Mrs. Morten Grindal of Sweden who was improving on a White worm culture and discovered a small species, the Grindal worms.

Grindal worms usually grow up to only 10mm making them ideal for larger fry and adult fish. The worms reproduce hermaphroditic meaning each individual has both male and female reproductive organs. Grindal worms produce cocoons and each cocoon contains 9-25 eggs. The eggs hatch around 12 days old and the new Grindal worms reproduce around 20-28 days old. A Grindal worm will produce as many as 1000 eggs in its lifetime.

Grindal worms are a great food option for any picky fish that require live foods and mid-size fry. Live foods like Grindal worms help induce breeding behaviors in fish as well as provide a protein rich diet. The worms are a good next step in a well mixed diet. Since they only grown to about 10mm they are good choice for feeding larger fry, juvenile fish, or small adult fish. They are easy to culture, require a small space, and reproduce well in most room temperature environments. Grindal worms can also be fed to other pet types like Newts, Salamanders, tadpoles, fry, and adult fish. The worms can live several days when immersed in water until eaten.

What’s included in this starter culture kit:
1. Live Grindal worms starter culture (20g bag containing a mix of worms in peat moss or potting mix).
2. Instructions manuals on how to start and successfully grow your very own never-ending supply of Grindal worms.

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