Live Australian Blackworms

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Live Australian blackworms, a great meal or treat for your fish. Blackworm are rich in protein and nutrients and can survive for long periods of time in a freshwater tank, which unlike other foods will not foul the water. The worms will live in the gravel until eaten by your fish.  Blackworms are a natural food source, easy to culture and provide an excellent high protein food, a great feed for both Marine and Freshwater fish. 

Live foods like Blackworms are vital to the good health and nutrition of aquarium fish. They are what fish eat in nature, and a necessity for promoting a successful breading programs and raising the fry.

What’s included in this starter culture kit:
1. Live Blackworms starter culture (approx. 450 worms in 200ml water solution).
2. Specially formulated food for the worms.
3. Instructions manuals on how to start and successfully grow your very own never-ending supply of blackworms.
4. Pipette

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