Live Java Moss

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Java Moss is a hardy aquarium plant suitable for rookies and professionals alike. It is one of the easiest aquatic plants to grow, known to be very hard to kill.

Java moss originates in Southeast Asia, including Japan, Singapore, Java island, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The plant grows on land and underwater and is usually found growing on rocks, riverbanks, and tree trunks in moist, tropical climate. Java moss is beginner friendly and can tolerate a wide range of water parameters and temperatures, ranging from cold-water to wormer tropical tanks.

You order will include a 6x6cm flat Java Moss portion.

Care Level: Easy
Growth Rate: Medium under the right conditions, makes a good carpeting plant.
Lighting Requirement: Low to bright light
Ideal Temperature: 20°- 30°C
Recommended water pH: 5-8

Java Moss will do well under low lighting conditions and will normally grow faster under stronger light.

Tank set up:
Java Moss is best placed in the foreground. You can also tie or glue the lant to rocks or driftwood. In the wild, Java Moss may thrive in water with a strong current, a moderate temperature, and neutral pH.



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