Live Phytoplankton (Green Water) starter

$19.90 GST inc.


Green water is an ideal fry food that is easy to culture and provides a highly nutritious algae ‘soup’ of feed for Daphnia, shrimps and fry, promoting faster healthier growth.

Green water is water that has been taken over by algae (Phytoplankton), turning it green. Algae will naturally develop in an aquarium, but it’s not enough to sustain a batch of newly born fry. Adding extra Green water algae is a quick, easy and cheap way to provide some plant nutrition to your fry and fish.

Green water is perfect for herbivorous fish that require plant material in order to develop a strong immune system. Green water is also a great feed for Daphnia.

Our green Water Kit includes the following:

  1. 250 milliliters of green water culture
  2. Instruction manual on how to set up and maintain your never-ending supply of greenwater


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