Azolla – Mosquito Fern, Fairy Moss

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Azolla (also called Fairy moss or Mosquito fern) is an Australian native fern that is common in many waterways and is commonly used as a decorative feature in aquariums and garden ponds. It can quickly spread to cover open areas of water and may build up in stationary water bodies, particularly if nutrients levels are adequate.

Azolla is a stunning, prolific, and hardy aquatic fern often employed by hobbyists in decorating their freshwater aquaria and ponds. This species adds a great deal of texture and depth to the aquarium and can improve the overall aesthetical value with its velvety appearance and impressive bright green/reddish coloration.

Azolla is endowed with rapid growth and amazing propagative qualities, and can withstand a wide range of temperatures and pH levels. It is capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen. Due to this extraordinary ability, the aquatic fern grows and propagates very fast, and may double in biomass every few days while maintaining a healthy low nitrogen environment for your fish and fry in the tank.

Control of Algae and bacteria
The extensive coverage provided by Azolla limits sunlight from entering the tank, thus, limiting the amount of sunlight entering the water body, and ultimately resulting in the reduction of algae and cyanobacteria which require sunlight to thrive.

Water filtration
Azolla is great in effectively absorbing phosphates, nitrates, ammonia, other chemicals, and even toxins in the tank, thus improving the water quality of the tank by preventing the accumulation of unwanted toxic chemicals.

What’s included in this starter cultivating kit:
1. Azolla starter culture. Covering an area of approximately 12cm long by 12 cm wide.
2. Cultivation and care instruction.



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