Live Duckweed Starter Pack (Lemna disperma)

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Duckweeds can be very beneficial to your freshwater tank, provided that their growth is regulated by routine clearing. A few of the benefits of introducing duckweed to your aquarium include:

Great food source
Duckweeds are low in fiber and rich in protein, they are also a source of snack for herbivores in your tank to munch on. Duckweed is a rich source protein and can be used as a major feed for some herbivorous fish.

A great habitat for aquatic life
Duckweed gives ambiance of nature to the water body, the lush green cover makes the water body more natural-looking, mimicking the appearance of wildlife habitat for your fish and fry.

Water filtration
Duckweed is great in effectively absorbing phosphates, nitrates, ammonia, other chemicals, and even toxins in the tank, thus improving the water quality of the tank by preventing the accumulation of unwanted toxic chemicals.

Control of Algae and bacteria
The extensive coverage provided by duckweed limits sunlight from entering the tank, thus, limiting the amount of sunlight entering the water body, and ultimately resulting in the reduction of algae and cyanobacteria which require sunlight to thrive.

How fast does duckweed grow?
Duckweeds are one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Some duckweed species have been found to replicate in as little as 2 days! In the right conditions.

What’s included in this starter cultivating kit:

1. Duckweed starter culture. Covering an area of approximately 12cm long by 12 cm wide.
2. Cultivation and care instruction.


* Frog shown in the product picture is not included

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